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Trollfest, Schandmaul and Varg @ Rockharz

rockharz 2015

Rockharz Open Air, which will take place 9 – 11 Juli in Ballenstedt Germany has confirmed Schandmaul, Trollfest and Varg. Line up: schandmaul trollfest varg

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Eluveitie – ‘Origins’ (2014)

eluveitie origins

By: Yvette Score: 6,5/10 Release: 1-8-2014 Label: nuclear Blast It is nothing new that the Swiss band Eluveitie is an established name within the latitudes of folk metal. The band that became immensely popular after the release of their second studio album ‘Slania’ in 2008 has become a recurring name on many large-scale festivals and ‘Rock the Nation’ events such as Heidenfest and Paganfest.

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Ragnarök Festival 2013

ragnarok festival 2013

5 & 6 april 2013, Lichtenfels, Germany By: Charlotte Photography: Photophobia Once a year in early spring it is time to travel down to the small city Lichtenfels, in the center of Germany. A small and peaceful place where once a year metal-heads gather. A weekend that will entertain you with approximately 30 bands, varied in different styles of metal. With the focus mainly on pagan-, folk- and black metal. And I was there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this wonderful festival.

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Eluveitie Sabatontour

eluveitie sabaton tour

By: Nick Score: 5/10 It is not so long ago that Eluveitie played in the Netherlands, but now they are back already. This time not as the headliner of Paganfest, but as a support act for Sabaton. Together with Wisdom they had the chance to open for this powermetalgiants. Maybe not the most logical combination, but it promised to be at least a beautiful and varied evening.

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Eluveitie – ‘The Early Years’ (2012)

Eluveitie - The Early Years

By: Nick Score: 8/10 Release: 17-8-2012 And suddenly they were there; Eluveitie. They were at various Pagan- and Heidenfests, grew steadily in popularity up until today, where they’ve become one of the biggest bands in the folk-metalgenre. Yet it has been a long way to the top. The band has been around for 10 years now, and to celebrate this Eluveitie releases ‘The early years’.

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Metalfest, Loreley 2012


Location: Loreley, Duitsland By: Nick Photography: Laurie Roijackers Besides the traveling series of concerts like Paganfest and Heidenfest, Rock the Nation is working on their own touring festival called ‘Metalfest’. Biggest concern of this was that there weren’t any plans for this festival to come near Holland. This changed with the coming of Metalfest Loreley, which is just a 2 hour drive from the Dutch border. A beautiful location (an amphitheatre, up in the mountains besides the Rhine), amazing weather and a great line-up with an even better sound were promising for a great festival. Like the name implies, there … Read More

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Eluveitie – Live in Tilburg (2012)

By: Nick Score: 8/10 Together with ConcertLive, Eluveitie releases one of their concerts recorded during Paganfest on CD. They’ve chosen for their gig in Tilburg, and below you can find a review from this live-registration. An immediate plus is that the design looks really neat. Artwork based on the last album ‘Helvetios’ is displayed in the front of this double-CD, and inside you can find a picture of the band.

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Paganfest 2012


By: Nick Location: 013 Tilburg We have a fixed value in the folk-metalscene for over a couple of years now, it’s called Paganfest. This years also the whole company travels through Europe, and also this time they have a varied line-up. Unfortunately due to some interviews we had with Eluveitie and Equilibrium we couldn’t see all bands.

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Eluveitie – Helvetios (2012)


Door: Nick Score: 6/10 Release: 10 Februari 2012 Eluveitie, wie kent ze ondertussen niet? Na hun sterke debuut ‘spirit’ en het mogelijk nog sterkere ‘Slania’, was de doorbraak van Eluveitie een feit. Mede door het vele touren bij grote concertreeksen als Paganfest en Heidenfest, is deze band inmiddels een vast feit geworden binnen het folk-metalgenre.

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Neckbreakers Ball 2011

neckbreakers ball 2011

Neckbreakers Ball Locatie: Metropool, Hengelo 13 November 2011 Recensent: Nick Foto’s: Metalshots.com Nog geen maand nadat Heidenfest ons land aandeed, is daar alweer het volgende Rock the Nation event in de vorm van ‘Neckbreakers ball’. Dit keer vond het feestje plaats in ‘Hengelo’, wat toch wat verder reizen was dan het gebruikelijke Tilburg of Eindhoven. Ook bij dit event werd er weer aandacht besteed aan de nodige folk-metal. Dit keer viel de eer aan Varg en Eluveitie om het publiek te vermaken met een stevige pot metal. Varg Na een lange reis kwamen we net op tijd binnen om de … Read More

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