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Running order Wacken and more announcements

wacken 2015

Skiltron has announced they will play at Wacken next year. The 2015 edition are announced: Amorphis, Ensiferum, Falconer, In Extremo, Subway to Sally, Thyrfing, Skiltron, Celtica, Impius Mundi, The Gentle Storm, Harpyie and many, many others This metal-dimension in our know reality is opened 30 july until 1 August, in this beautiful spot in Germany, well-known for it’s annual metal-festival, Wacken. Running order

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Ensiferum – One Man Army Tour


Hedon, Zwolle The Netherlands 26-03-2015 By: Yvette Photography: Metalshots.com Tonight we travel to Zwolle for a very special concert featuring some of our favorite bands from Finland, the Ensiferum, Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum concert! Long have we anticipated this concert, and as we approach the venue I cannot help but wonder what we will find inside.

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Ensiferum – ‘One Man Army’ (2015)

ensiferum one man army

By: Yvette Rating: 7/10 Release: 20-2-2015 Label: Metal Blade Records The Finnish band Ensiferum needs no introduction. The band that has toured with folk metal giants worldwide releases its sixth studio album to date. The release of ‘Unsung Heroes’ back in 2012 clearly showed a style-switch that was also present on the ‘From Afar’ album. Despite the varied responses to the album the band has picked up the pace again, and released ‘One Man Army’ under a new label. Time for a new Ensiferum era!

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Ensiferum, Korpiklaani & Trollfest USA/Canada tour

Ensiferum has announced they will be touring the USA & Canada with Korpiklaani & Trollfest in May 2015. Promoting the new album “One Man Army”, which will be released Tuesday, February 24th by Metal Blade Records. Here are the dates:

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Heidenfest 2013

heidenfest 2013

5, 6 October Oberhausen and Tilburg Every folk- and paganfan knows it by now; Heidenfest. This year it was hard to escape this great feast. With a various mix between large bands like Ensiferum, Equilibrium and Turisas, and small bands like Winterstorm and Frosttide, it promised to be a great day. Folk-metal.nl joined the Heidenfest in Oberhausen and Tilburg. What follows below is a total review, because both shows weren’t much different.

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Niflheim Festival 2013


By: Charlotte Date: 2-3-2013 On a cold saturday in early spring we travelled down to the German city Stuttgart for the Niflheim festival. With the promise of almost ten hours of music provided by eight bands, the excitement was quite high. Apparently there were some technical problems right before the opening of the venue which made the organisation decide to open the doors later than announced. When we arrived to the venue there was a long line of people waiting to get in.

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Ensiferum tour 2012

ensiferum metropool

16 september 2012, Metropool Hengelo By: Colin Photography: Metalshots.com The tour to promote Ensiferums new album travels throughout Europe and on Sunday, they visit the city Hengelo.

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Ensiferum – ‘Unsung Heroes’ (2012)

ensiferum unsung heroes

By: Nick Score: 8/10 Release: 27-8-2012 It was quiet for a while in the camp of Ensiferum. The last we heard from them was “From Afar” which dates from 2009. But when the summer came, we heard signs that these Finns are still alive, and preparing for a new album. Slowly we were tempted for this new studio album, with ‘Burning Leaves’ that was played live, and the video for “In My sword I trust’ which was recently released.

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Metalfest, Loreley 2012


Location: Loreley, Duitsland By: Nick Photography: Laurie Roijackers Besides the traveling series of concerts like Paganfest and Heidenfest, Rock the Nation is working on their own touring festival called ‘Metalfest’. Biggest concern of this was that there weren’t any plans for this festival to come near Holland. This changed with the coming of Metalfest Loreley, which is just a 2 hour drive from the Dutch border. A beautiful location (an amphitheatre, up in the mountains besides the Rhine), amazing weather and a great line-up with an even better sound were promising for a great festival. Like the name implies, there … Read More

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Black Troll Winterfest (2011)

black troll winterfest 2011

Black Troll Winterfest Locatie: RWE Halle, Mülheim an der Ruhr (DE) 12 November 2011 Door: Michel en Colin Foto’s: Feenstaub Entertainment (tenzij anders vermeld) 10:00 uur gaat de zaal open, 10:20 begint de eerste band, maar, de zaal gaat niet open? De rij is gigantisch (gelukkig mogen wij al vooraan in een halletje gaan staan). Als de tussendeuren openen (waar we nog niet door mogen) horen we dat de eerste band, Draugr, nog aan het soundchecken is… dat is laat! Als we om 10:20 eindelijk de zaal in mogen, het moment dat het Italiaanse Draugr zou moeten beginnen, zijn die … Read More

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