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Hörnerfest 2014

hornerfest 2014

By: Colin and Nick Photography by: Toni B. Gunner – www.mondkringel-photography.de It has become some sort of tradition, the last weekend of June is, as every year, reserved for the best festival of the summer. Somewhere in a small town just passed Hamburg. As every year this small festival forms the missing link between metal festivals and the known MPS like events. With a stage full of folkrock and folkmetal acts and a big medieval market complete with shisha stand and homemade liquor, this festival has a unique sphere.

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New album Feuerseele


Feuerseele is going into the studio for a new album. But this costs a lot of money. Everybody who supports them with 10 €, gets the album from the band personally as soon as it’s finished. Use the form on their website for this support http://www.feuerseele.de/studio/

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Feuerseele – ‘Erntezeit’ (2012)

feuerseele erntezeit

By: Michel Score: 9/10 Release: 19-10-2012 It has been a while since I saw Feuerseele live at Burgfolk. And I liked them then. There was some gossip about an debutalbum for quite a while, and I couldn’t wait, but finally it’s there: Erntezeit.

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Burgfolk 2011


Burgfolk 2011 19 + 20 augustus 2011 Schloss Broich, Mülheim an der Ruhr (DE) Door: Michel + Colin Het derde jaar op rij dat wij in augustus naar dit prachtige kasteel reizen om te genieten van een gezellige sfeer, vreemde mensen en uiteraard, folk. Of het nu pure folk is, folkrock, speedfolk of folk-metal, Met een volgens mij briljante organisator zet Burgfolk, ofwel Michael Bohnes van alles achter elkaar, maar wel zo dat het hele publiek na Heidevolk gewoon door feest bij Rapalje en daarna weer even zo vrolijk bij Eluveitie. De laatsten haalden dit zelfs nog even aan, waarbij … Read More

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