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And again Dark Troll Festival 2015 confirmed a band

Dark Troll Festival 2015

And… the next band is confirmed for Dark Troll 2015: Thormesis. Dark Troll 2015 will take place 14-5 / 16-5 2015 in Bornsted, Germany The other confirmed bands are: Finsterforst Thormesis

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Hörnerfest 2015

hornerfest 2015

Hörnerfest will be on the 3rd and 4th of July next year. This is one of the nicest festivals for the fans of folk-metal and Medieval rock. This year there are already some very nice names on the programme and there’s more to come. DER MÜNZER

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Trollfest, Finsterforst @ Helvete

helvete trollfest

Helvete, Oberhausen, Germany 3-5-2014 Bericht door Folk-metal.nl.

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Ragnarök Festival 2014

ragnarok 2014

25/26-4-2014 Stadthalle Lichtenfels, Germany Ragnarök is a small festival that’s taking place in Lichtenfels. However, never let the size of things misguide you, because on this festival the best of pagan- folk- and black-metal come together. With bands like Arkona, Finntroll, Skálmöld en Manegarm, there were enough bands for the folk-metal fan to enjoy. And, as it should be at every festivals, with bands as Craving and Firtan there was enough to discover.

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New Album Finsterforst


Finsterforst will enter the studio in Sprint to record a follow-up to the great album ‘Rastlos’.

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Wacken 2013

wacken 2013

By: Colin and Nick Photography: Metalshots.com The 24th edition of the biggest metalfestival in the world and ofcourse we are joining in this year as well. Tuesday we travel towards the Mekka of Metal to stay one week in the holy lands of Wacken Open Air. And once more, it’s going to be a good year with big names and a lot of folk-metal. Fejd While the official start of Wacken was on Thursday, each year the party already starts on Wednesday with 3 or more folk-metalbands which will take care of the pre-party.

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Dark Troll Festival 2013

Nick Darktroll 2013

By: Nick Photography: Ute Ruhmann Fotografie Location: Bornstedt, Germany Germany, the perfect country for cheap festivals. Every subgenre has their own festival, so also one for the fans of pagan/folk/blackmetal. Since yours truly is such a fan, we traveled halfway may to Bornstedt for this small festival. Too bad that there can be found 3 Bornstedts in Germany, what resulted in us ending up at the wrong one. The location, a castleruin in the middle of a forest on top of a hill, was at least perfectly chosen, and also the line-up looked really great. Below you can find a … Read More

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Niflheim Festival 2013


By: Charlotte Date: 2-3-2013 On a cold saturday in early spring we travelled down to the German city Stuttgart for the Niflheim festival. With the promise of almost ten hours of music provided by eight bands, the excitement was quite high. Apparently there were some technical problems right before the opening of the venue which made the organisation decide to open the doors later than announced. When we arrived to the venue there was a long line of people waiting to get in.

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Finsterforst – ‘Rastlos’ (2012)

finsterforst rastlos

By: Nick Score: 9/10 Release: 23-11-2012 Imagine.. It’s a cold winternight, you’re walking through the forest and a full moon is shining through the trees, enlightening your path. This is exactly the feeling I get when listening to the new Finsterforst.

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Hörnerfest 2011

hoernerfest 2011

Hoernerfest 2011 Locatie: Brande-Hörnerkirchen (DE) 1 – 2 Juli 2011 Recensent: Nick Foto’s: www.darkradiation.de 1 en 2 juli was het dan zover; tijd om af te reizen naar het verre Brande-Hörnerkirchen. In dit kleine dorpje in the middle of nowhere, zou het folk-festival ‘Hörnerfest’ plaatsvinden. Het festival, dat al voor de 6e keer gehouden werd, telt jaarlijks zo’n 2000 bezoekers, waarvan het overgrote deel Duits of Deens is. Wat bij aankomst meteen al opviel was de gemoedelijke sfeer die er rond het terrein hing. Nog geen vijf minuten op de camping, en de auto werd al geknuffeld door een man … Read More

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