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Running order Wacken and more announcements

wacken 2015

Skiltron has announced they will play at Wacken next year. The 2015 edition are announced: Amorphis, Ensiferum, Falconer, In Extremo, Subway to Sally, Thyrfing, Skiltron, Celtica, Impius Mundi, The Gentle Storm, Harpyie and many, many others This metal-dimension in our know reality is opened 30 july until 1 August, in this beautiful spot in Germany, well-known for it’s annual metal-festival, Wacken. Running order

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20 Years In Extremo

in extremo 20 jr

4 and 5 September 2015 they will celebrate their 20th anniversary in the open air theatre at Loreley high above the Rhein. With a ‘Best-of-show’ and a lot of friends like Schandmaul. Two days for eternity, from then, to now and beyond. You can get your neat Hardtickets from now on here: inextremo-tickets.de

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Rockharz 2014


By: Nick Photography by: Toni B. Gunner – www.mondkringel-photography.de For many, many years people were telling me about Rockharz, and how I just had to go there. A festival with an average size (+/- 20.000 people) and a good, diverse line-up every year. There was enough to enjoy for fans of folk and paganmetal, with bands like Korpiklaani and Heidevolk, and In Extremo as the headliner of the festival. With a forecast of terrible weather we left, and with a terrible sunburn we returned. The review of the festival can be found below.

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In Extremo – ‘Kunstraub’ (2013)

In Extremo Kunstraub

By: Michel Score: 9/10 Release: 27-9-2013 Label: Vertigo Berlin Don’t be Doof! It has been a while since In Extremo released a last studio album. Don’t think they were laying in the sun all the time. They have played live a lot and they released two live albums and a few singles in the mean time. But now it’s time for new songs of these German Medieval Rockers. Medieval harptunes form the start of this album,

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Metalfest, Loreley 2012


Location: Loreley, Duitsland By: Nick Photography: Laurie Roijackers Besides the traveling series of concerts like Paganfest and Heidenfest, Rock the Nation is working on their own touring festival called ‘Metalfest’. Biggest concern of this was that there weren’t any plans for this festival to come near Holland. This changed with the coming of Metalfest Loreley, which is just a 2 hour drive from the Dutch border. A beautiful location (an amphitheatre, up in the mountains besides the Rhine), amazing weather and a great line-up with an even better sound were promising for a great festival. Like the name implies, there … Read More

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CD Release Baldrs Draumar + In Extremo

Door: Michel Foto’s: Dorien Baldrs Draumar Vandaag wordt de nieuwe CD van Baldrs Draumar uitgebracht. Onze Friezen vieren dat met het spelen in het voorprogramma van de Duitse giganten In Extremo. Een week later zullen ze dit in hun eigen Dokkum nog eens over doen, maar dan zijn de heren zelf topact, zoals dat hoort bij zo’n album. Cd release betekend voor Folk-metal.nl dat je daar heen moet, dus we reden ruim 2 uur heen en 2 uur terug naar Sneek, voordeel is dat je dan bijna vier keer het nieuwe album van de heren kunt luisteren. In het pittoreske … Read More

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Summerbreeze 2011


Summerbreeze 2011 Dinkelsbühl (DE) 18-20 Augustus 2011 Door: Nick Summer Breeze is een van de vele metalfestivals in Duitsland. Met slechts 20.000 man blijft het een kleinschalig festival, niet zo massaal als bijvoorbeeld het eveneens Duitse Wacken. Ook hier komen metalheads van overal in Europa bijeen voor 3 dagen bier, feest en metal! Het festival zelf is erg goed geregeld. Met slechts 4 podia is alles goed te overzien en overlapt er weinig. Ook viel het hier erg op dat er tot een uur of 5 iedere dag vooral lokale, of hele kleine bandjes stonden. En, hoewel het geluid bij … Read More

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