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Metsatöll EP released

metsatoll pummelung

Metsatöll will release their EP Pummelung today. Besides two unpublished tracks, the EP includes the cover of J.M.K.E’s Külmale Maale (To the Cold Land). Today the EP’s title song reached the radio stations. Pummelung is a self-ironic track about overboiling debaucheries with copious amounts of alcohol. The shorter the mind, the greater the strength of will – further and on! Metsatöll does not preach, nor do they justify the “overboiled” debauchers:

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Metsatöll – ‘Karjajuht’ (2014)

metsatoll Karjajuht

By: Michel Score: 8,5/10 Release: 7-3-2014 Label: Spinefarm Records We had to wait quite a while for this new album ‘Karjajuht’ by Metsatöll. The previous studio-album ‘Ulg’ is from 2011, in the meantime we got the great live album ‘Tuska’ named after the great festival. The albums starts nice at once with a beautiful ethnic tune, very nice. And it stays nice when the usual solid Metsatöll sound joins in.

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Metsatöll – ‘Lööme Mesti’ (Single 2013)

metsatoll loome mesti

By: Michel Score: 8/10 Release: 19-11-2013 Label: Spinefarm Records Metsatöll has released quite a number of albums over the years. In 2012 they released a nice live album, but we have to go back to 2011 for their last studio album with new songs. Well there’s good news in March next year they will release a new album. While we’re all waiting for this Metsatöll released a single ‘Lööme Mesti’.

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Metsatöll – ‘Tuska’ (CD/DVD 2012)

metsatoll tuska

By: Michel Score: 9/10 The fans of Metsatöll can’t complain they never hear something of their favourite band. Metsatöll is one of the most productive bands in the scene. They have released a large number al albums, some singles and no less then 4 DVD’s. In 2012 ad a CD/DVD, with the live registration of their concert in Tuska, to this list.

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Metsatöll – Ulg (2011)


By: Dorien Score: 8/10 Label: Spinefarm Records The guys of Metsatöll don’t sit on their hands. They release their 10th album this year, it’s ‘Ulg’ entitled, (The Howl. But if’s related to the bands name which is Estonian for Wolf, is not clear. The album is made at very high speed, the track are mostly done in one session, but maybe they should have taken a little bit more time. It starts with an intro (Agu) which lasts too long. The album really takes off at the second half of track 2. That’s a pity, a bad start like this.

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Metsatöll – Aio (2010)


By: Dorien Score: 9/10 Metsatöll released their ninth album already and it has become as you might aspect from a band like Metsatöll. Fierce, folk and still in ‘that language’ of you which you don’t understand a thing. It’s difficult to say anything about the lyrics when you don’t understand them. They continue to sing in their native language, a bit mysterious, like Týr. You don’t understand a thing, but it sounds awesome. But a bit a shame you can’t sing along and it’s more difficult to get the feeling they want to carry out. The vocals are a bit … Read More

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Ensiferum From Afar Tour (2009)

ensiferum 2009

From Afar tour De Kelder, Amersfoort 30 Oktober 2009 Door: Colin HET HOOGTEPUNT van 2009 stond op het programma, ensiferum bracht hun beste album zo ver uit, en ensiferum is mijn favoriete band… … hoge verwachtingen moesten ze waarmaken in Amersfoort. Amersfoort, 19:24 uur. Grote parkeerplaats, braakliggende omgeving, een flat van containers waar ook nog mensen wonen, een lantaarnpaal, een parkeerautomaat, 2 tourbussen en een gebouw met grote letters De Kelder. Tracedawn Tracedawn mocht de avond openen, ondanks dat dit geen folkmetal is en de hyperactieve zanger en bassist soms wel een beetje storend overkamen, was dit toch al een … Read More

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