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Saltatio Mortis reveals coverart

saltatio mortis zirkus zeitgeist

Hold on tight! Saltatio Mortis had already announced they will release a new album 14th August. The title of this new album: ‘Zirkus Zeitgeist’.

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Eisheilige Nacht 2014

subway to sally eisheilige nacht 2014

By: Michel When you’re walking throught the cold winterevening, snow cracking under your shoes, starlight shining on your face. Then you’re perfectly in the mood for a ‘Eisheilige Nacht’. Subway to Sally has once again prepared a warm winter tour for us and for the fourth time in a row they have chosen the Ruhrcongress in Bochum as a temporary home. The wise men aren’t coming only from the east to this event, nog they’re coming from everywhere tonight. Thousands are gathering here this beautiful evening to enjoy this winterwarm treat.

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MPS Borken 2014

mps 2014 borken

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum 20 + 21 September Park Probsting, Borken, Germany When the mist vanishes the encampment of our allies appears at the borders of the Bocholter AA, ‘home at last’ I think and I’m heading towards the bridge to get reunited with this friendly army. It’s time to let this modern times behind at the side of the river and step into the Middle-ages at the other side. And when you’re prepared to take this final step, you’re charmed with the nice Irish folk-sound of Rapalje. The MPS has grow a little this year in Borken, they are no … Read More

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Wacken 2014

wacken 2014

By: Colin and Yvette Photography by: Toni B. Gunner – www.mondkringel-photography.de Wacken Open Air, I don’t think that this Metal Mecca has need for any kind of introduction. Every year tens of thousands of metalheads from over the entire world gather here for some days in the capital of metal called Wacken, just 1800 inhabitants are overflown with long haired rabble with black shirts, army boots and beer. On 7 stages they have the biggst metalbands from the entire world, but the small bands get time to prove themselves as well.

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Rockharz 2014


By: Nick Photography by: Toni B. Gunner – www.mondkringel-photography.de For many, many years people were telling me about Rockharz, and how I just had to go there. A festival with an average size (+/- 20.000 people) and a good, diverse line-up every year. There was enough to enjoy for fans of folk and paganmetal, with bands like Korpiklaani and Heidevolk, and In Extremo as the headliner of the festival. With a forecast of terrible weather we left, and with a terrible sunburn we returned. The review of the festival can be found below.

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MPS Weeze 2014

Photography: Nadine W. Unruh

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum Locaton: Weeze Airport, Germany 18 – 22 June 2014 The MPS spectacle is saying farewell to Weeze. When you visit the MPS only there, it seems odd, a lot of people, a lot of fun, why quit? But the answer to this is an easy, visit one of the other MPS festivals and you’ll notice the Middle Ages and the airport are not the most suitable combination.

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MPS Borken 2013


All For One! This year 20 years ago, the MPS started in Borken, Germany. Now, 20 years later, this spectacle has grown to a big event in a lot of places throughout whole Germany during the summer-season and a few events during the winter. During this weekends a large area is filled with ‘Heerlager’ (a beautiful German word meaning encampments). A a lot of places where knights and other warriors can display their skills. Juggler’s performing all kind of acts, with fire, swords etc.

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Saltatio Mortis – ‘Das Schwarze Einmaleins’ (2013)

saltatio mortis ixi

By: Nick Score: 7/10 Release: 16-8-2013 Label: Napalm Records Saltatio Mortis is a band which is always busy. Not so long ago the single ‘Wachstum über alles’ was released, and now the new full-length is a fact. Each 2 years, Saltatio releases a new studioalbum, and ‘Das Schwarze Einmaleins’ is the 9th. You always know what to expect of Saltatio Mortis. Typical German ‘Mittelalterrock’, like we used to know from bands like Subway to Sally and In Extremo.

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Saltatio Mortis – ‘Wachstum über alles’ (Single 2013)

Saltatio mortis wachstum uber alles

By: Nick Score: 8/10 Release: 12-7-2013 Label: Napalm Records Because we still need to wait a little less than two months before the release of Saltatio Mortis new album ‘Das schwarze Einmaleins’, Saltatio Mortis releases some nice stuff to keep us busy ‘till that time. As we’re used from the German band, they don’t release just something, they made it into something special. I must admit,, I was a little afraid when I played this single for the first time. 5 versions of ‘Wachstum über alles’,

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MPS, Weeze 2013

mps weeze

By: Michel Photography: Feenstaub Entertainment 27-4-2013 Weeze, Germany After a drive to airport Weeze in Germany, you leave your car and modern life behind at the parking lot and walk into medieval times. When you enter the are, you can see the campfire burning, watch the knights, craftsmen and the beautiful ladies dressed in nice royalty dresses or in simple but just as beautiful simple civilian clothes. You hear ‘Die Streuner’ with their fiddles and lutes and smell the fresh baked bread. All your senses are drowned in medieval times. When you turn around you can see your car at … Read More

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