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Live album Trollfest released

Today Trollfest will release their first live recording! It was taped during the fantasticly frantic Brumlebassen US tour in 2013 at the Alrosa Villa, Columbus Ohio, April 14th to be exact. Review Tracklist 01. Trollkamp (intro) 02. Den Åpne Sjø 03. Brumlebassen

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Trollfest – ‘Live at Alrosa Villa’ (2015)

trollfest live at alrosa vila

By: Jeff Rating: 8,5/10 Release: 4-5-2015 Label: Independent Hearing that Trollfest had a live release coming out was both a time to reflect on the past and to ponder the upcoming future. The past comes back to me because of seeing them on this tour (Paganfest USA) 2 days after this was recorded. This also has me foreseeing the future, seeing them again at the end of May as they wind down their US tour with Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. The set list here is longer than the show that I saw them at in Philadelphia and deservedly so,

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Ensiferum, Korpiklaani & Trollfest USA/Canada tour

Ensiferum has announced they will be touring the USA & Canada with Korpiklaani & Trollfest in May 2015. Promoting the new album “One Man Army”, which will be released Tuesday, February 24th by Metal Blade Records. Here are the dates:

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Trollfest, Finsterforst @ Helvete

helvete trollfest

Helvete, Oberhausen, Germany 3-5-2014 Bericht door Folk-metal.nl.

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Trollfest – ‘Kaptein Kaos’ (2014)

Trollfest Kaptain Kaos

By: Nick Score: 8,5/10 Release: 28-3-2014 Label: NoiseArt Records Madness. Pure and utter madness. This can only concern one band of course, and that’s Trollfest! This band, which already from their founding was doing whatever they feel like, is back with their 6th full-length. Where the previous album dealt mainly with bees, Kaptein Kaos focuses on an investigator who invented a time-machine. Sounds crazy? True, but we’re talking about Trollfest remember?

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Beastival 2013

beastival flyer

By: Nick and Colin Location: Geiselwind, Germany The news about Bayern was pretty bad lately. Heavy rainfall, flooded basements, mudslides and landslides. But still the line-up of the very first edition of Beastival was irresistible, so we jumped in our car for this new German festival. Sabaton, Kreator, Kataklysm, Wintersun and many other great names following each other up in 3 days, how much better could it get? After spending 7 hours sitting in a car (due to one and a half hour in a traffic jam) we finally reached Geiselwind, where we’d spend the rest of our week. Of … Read More

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Heidenfest 2012

heidenfest 2012

By: Michel 21-10-2012 013, Tilburg Heidenfest was hosted by the modern location 013 this evening. Where there usually are old factories for this occasions 013 is a very modern venue. Everything is taken care of, you can eat and drink inside the venue there’s enough space everywhere and the sound is very good. You can see everything very well from almost every spot in the hall, but there’s a little space directly in front of the stage which makes it sometimes difficult for large pits.

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Trollfest – “Brumlebassen” (2012)

Trollfest Brumlebassen

By: Gur Score: 9/10 Release: 24-8-2012 As you can read in many reviews and interviews, Trollfest was a joke at first, and they’re very serious about their not being serious. I don’t think this is a good description. Trollfest has fun, the music they make is serious on the other hand and is perfectly created. Of course all is spiced with humor.

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Heidenfest 2011

Heidenfest 2011

Heidenfest 2011 Locatie: 013, Tilburg 9 Oktober 2011 Door: Nick Foto’s: Dorien De folk-metalliefhebber kan inmiddels zijn klok erop gelijk zetten, minstens 1 keer per jaar doet het rondreizende circus van Heidenfest ons landje aan. Dit keer was het 013 te Tilburg waar Heidenfest op 9 oktober plaatsvond. Hoewel het, eveneens door Rock the Nation georganiseerde, Paganfest vaak niet verder komt dan bands als Korpiklaani, weet Heidenfest toch altijd weer een sterke line-up te zetten met de top uit het Pagan-genre. De line-up loog er deze keer dan ook niet om, maar liefst 9 (!!) bands betraden achter elkaar de … Read More

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Trollfest – En kvest for den Hellige Gral (2011)


Door: Colin Score: 4/5 In een hun kamp ergens in het uitgestrekte bos van Noorwegen werkten  deze trollen aan een nieuw plan, ” En kvest for den hellige gral”, ofwel, deze keer gaan de trollen op zoek naar de heilige graal. Onze reis begint bij een erg vervelend voorval, die “Verdammte hungersnot”. Wat ze precies over deze verdomde hongersnood te melden hebben kan ik niet verstaan, niet omdat de teksten in het Noors en Duits door elkaar heen zijn, maar vooral omdat het gewoon niet verstaanbaar is. Eigenlijk niets nieuws onder de maan dus. Trollfest zoals we Trollfest allemaal al … Read More

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