Varg released “Götterdämmerung”

VARG gotterdammerung

Just in time for the upcoming „Wolfsfest“ tour in April and May, VARG released a special EP featuring 4 brand new tracks! “Götterdämmerung” will be released today.
Don’t fuck with wolves, especially VARG! For over ten years these creatures have wielded the sceptre of German Pagan Metal, currently holding it tighter than ever in their bloody claws. The Wolfskult remains hearty as well, with thousands of devotees following the call of the wild and making the pilgrimage year after year to the band’s Wolfszeit Festival. Read More

Neckbreakers Ball 2011

neckbreakers ball 2011

Neckbreakers Ball Location: Metropool, Hengelo 13 November 2011 By: Nick Photography: Within a month of day Heidenfest was within our borders, there’s another Rock the Nation event, this time it’s ‘Neckbreakers ball’. The party went on in Hengelo, which … Read More