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Afscheidsconcert Viatora

viatora forest 4

By: Nick Score: 7,5/10 Little Devil Tilburg All beer is gone. At least according to Viatora’s motto ‘we won’t stop until the beer is op’ (we won’t stop until all beer is gone). Thus all good things end, just like the career of band Viatora, originating from Limburg. To celebrate their goodbye, a special concert was arranged in the Little Devil in Tilburg, together with the bands Shade of Hatred and Roots Residue.

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Viatora Release Party

viatora mede kruid en mensenvleesch

By: Nick Score: 8/10 On an ordinary Thursday evening it was time for Viatora to finally release their EP ‘Mede, Kruid & Mensenvleesch’. Especially for this occasion, not 1, but 2 release parties were scheduled, one being in the cozy little Irish pub Shamrock.

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Viatora – ‘Mede, Kruid & Mensenvleesch’ (EP 2012)

viatora mede kruid en mensenvleesch

By: Michel Score: 8/10 Another new Dutch folk-metalband Viatora is releasing an first EP. This one has a nice Dutch title, Mede, Kruid & Mensenvlees (Mead, Herbs & Human flesh). After an Intro we get the track Scars, which sounds very nice with a good female and male singing and nice violin-parts. It has a nice epic touch which differs from the second part of the album.

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Into The Forest II

into the forest

Location De Baroeg, Rotterdam Date: 3-3-2012 By: Nick Photography: Dorien Into the Forest This festival has his debut last year, and is back again for another night of folk-metal. Into the Forest has four Dutch bands lined up for us, all of them responsible for a great evening. Viatora The Limburgian band Viatora kicked off these evening with a nice act of fierce traditional folk-metal. The beginning of the act was not very smooth, which was also due to the bad sound.

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Pagan Metal Night (2011)

Pagan Metal Night Locatie: Hall of Fame, Tilbug 4 November 2011 Door: Colin Goede vriend/ folk-metal.nl collega Nick vraagt mij of ik kom kijken als hij met zijn band optreed in Tilburg, samen met een andere hele leuke Nederlandse folk-metal act. Het is een stukje reizen, maar uiteraard, ik ben aanwezig. Shade of Hatred Shadow of Hatred trapt af, en zoals ze zelf op een gegeven moment al aangeven, het is geen pagan metal. Toch speelden ze nog een aantal covertjes van Amon Amarth. Verder richt de band zich meer op het onbenullige geweld. Ik wens de heren het beste … Read More

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