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Vintersorg – ‘Naturbål’ (2014)

vintersorg naturbal

By: Yvette Score: 8,5/10 Release: 27-6-2014 Label: Napalm Records If there is one band that releases quality albums in a rapid pace, it is Vintersorg. In 2011 a series of four albums was announced with the four elements as the theme. ‘Jordpuls’ was the first of the series, which revolved around the element earth, shortly followed by the album ‘Orkan’ with the theme of air in 2012. ‘Naturbål’ is now the third album in the series and literally means ‘bonfire of nature’ when translated. It is obvious that this album fully revolves around the element of fire.

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Vintersorg – Orkan (2012)

vintersorg orkan

By: Dorien Score: 8/10 Release: 29-6-2012 Andreas Hendlund is a very busy man. Besides a lot of side-projects het releases another Vintersorg album this year. This album is entitled ‘Orkan’, and an Orkan it is. It overwhelms you like a storm, right from the beginning. The first song, Istid, doesn’t have a nice and quiet build up intro. It hits off immediately with guitars, fast drums and screams. There a little moment to rest halfway, which feels very comforting after such a start.

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Vintersorg – Jordpuls (2011)


Door: Michel Score: 2/5 De beide leden van Vintersorg hebben wederom een album afgeleverd. Alle Vintersorg kenmerken zijn weer aanwezig, teksten in Zweeds over natuur, spiritualiteit e.d., met heldere vocalen. De hoes is ingetogen en mooi, alleen blijft de vraag hoe groot is de kans dat een boom knapt exact op de plek waar zo’n brok grond ligt. Voor de muziek geldt dit helaas ook. De eerste twee nummers kunnen mij niet echt boeien. “Till Danet Av Forsar Och Fall” is een leuk nummer, het illustreert ook weer prima waar de band toe in staat is. Mooie wisselingen in tempo, kracht, … Read More

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