ad plenitatem lunae

Ad Plenitatem Lunae was born in Friuli – Italy – in 2005 . This is a band which mixes the powerful sounds of Heavy Metal with the melodies of medieval and folkloristic music, like bands as In Extremo, Subway to Sally, Finntroll and Turisas, but with a close eye on language, history and culture from Friuli Venezia Giulia. After a long period in A.D. 2009 the line up has come to the current formation. In the end of 2009, tired of playing covers, the band started to write original songs with lyrics in the Friuli’s language: Friulano. The first demo CD has been produced by the band in May 2010 containing their first three songs: “Sante Agnês”, “La Cjace” and “Strie”.

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Demo (2010)
Tempus Non Est Iocundum’ (2012)
Acuile Uarbe (Single 2015)
Grame (Single 2015)



Not Active