Aegri somnia was born in 2012 in an old ghostly house located in a northern Spanish valley, surrounded by loneliness, silence and the smell of wet earth. In an old iron kitchen where termites were almost heard devouring the wooden beams, a musical session was improvised with a tambourine, cookware as percussion, traditional songs and lugubrious chords coming from an electric guitar. Two vastly different worlds converged and married in the eyes of the silent and celebrating spirits who inhabited the house. And thus Aegri Somnia rose, Spanish oral traditional music, unknown even for most of Spanish people, mixed with harmonic eccentricity typical of musical styles such as black metal. Songs reinforced with a bittersweet soundtrack which emphasizes the message our ancestors gave to us.
In 2017 they released their debut-album ‘Ad Augusta Per Angusta’.



Ad Augusta Per Angusta (2017)