Aereum are a troupe of six from the beautiful Ruhr area in Germany. If you have to specify a style of music, the band would call it “Heroic Folk Metal” combined with “Melodic Death Metal”, or in other words: “If you like Ensiferum and Wintersun, you have a high chance to like us too”. However, the band deliberately refrains from using universally popular clichés in their lyrics and likes to distance themselves from battles of Nordic gods and hobby Vikings, but rather picks up more modern and deeper themes. Most of the time. But sometimes just pirates.
Less than two years after their foundation, the band started with their first gig at the “Mead & Greed – Pagan Night” in early 2019 and released their debut album “Tempest of Time” in 2020.

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Tempest of Time (2020)