Aes Dana

Aes Dana was founded in 1994 and after a little while they completed the line-up. In 1996 they recorded their first demo. The songs on this demo can be described as atmospheric black metal with Celtic and medieval influences. The lyrics are about visions and legends. Because their drummer made such a noise during their rehearsals the flute-player had to put his flute in the microphone so he could hear himself. This caused him to adept a new metal-style of playing. After some changes of band-members the style became louder in 1997. The language of the lyrics changes form English to French and were about heathen sagas. When the drummer got replaced in 1999 the band got a much more subtle drummer, which gave them the opportunity of other kind of songs. There were more traditional instruments added as well. But it doesn’t become calm and more changes in the line-up followed. Aes Dana breaks with their label. In 2008 they sign with a German label.

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Chroniques du Crépuscule (1997)
Promo CD (2000)
La Chasse Sauvage (2001)
Formors (2005)




Not Active