Ahl Sina

Ahl Sina was founded by Troll (Moustafa) during the time he lived in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. After the band formed in 2009, Troll returned to Cairo, where he wrote the story used on Ahl Sina’s debut album “Troops of Pain.” From there, he contacted his dear friend, Shung. The two collaboratively designed a long-term vision and direction for the band. In their thought sessions, Troll and Shung plotted music for “Troops of Pain” and beyond. The two friends developed means to apply melodic and atmospheric elements using nay, flute, traditional percussion, and violin in order to materialize their hallmark on the Oriental Extreme Metal music genre.Not long after Troll and Shung wrote their first three songs together, the duo pulled a Cairo performance line-up, with only themselves and Ahl Sina’s nay flute, Ahmed, and percussionist, Amr, as permanent members. However, due to Troll’s move abroad, the band took a hiatus from performing. It was in 2014, when Ahl Sina’s Cairo-based percussionist approached Troll in Germany, then a decision was made to reassemble Ahl Sina once and for all. Troll, Shung, and Amr realized that by utilizing widely available technologies, Ahl Sina has the capability to work on real-time collaborations across vast distances. The ensuing creation is Ahl Sina as a worldwide collective of highly adaptive, and talented musicians.After diligent research, Troll identified a line-up of musicians for the band who both understand and believe in the ongoing innovation of Ahl Sina. He added professional violinist Stefanie from Germany; tribal drummer Shaadie from USA; and accomplished bassist Marcel from Germany. All members realized, that Ahl Sina is meant to be- an international group spread across three continents.
In 2019 the first album ‘Troops of Pain ‘ is released.

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Troops of Pain (2019)