Airs & Graces

Air & Graces hail from Germany and Canada. Born in 2012 after Big Ar, Two Hands, AyMo and El Capitán decided to leave their former band and start a band, which right from the get-go intended to be the most energetic, raucous and also shantyish PUNK BAND around. Airs & Graces’ mixture of shantyish, folky tunes and punkrock plus a dash of country creates an awesome medley of melodies, chants and sing-a-longs that make every audience sway back and forth! Airs & Graces are well-known for their boundless enthusiasm, infectious energy and supreme devotion to fans and music. Fueled by an insatiable longing to entertain, they are truly at home in front of any audience.

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Voting at the Hall (2018)