Pleasure comes first with these Scottish pirates. According to the band they’re playing true pirate-metal. Do you want to be keelhauled or join them in their piracy, go along with Alestorm. They drag you along with their fierce but merry tunes. An Alestorm concert is a big party, that’s for sure.
With this style they reach a nice status about 2010 in 2013 they’re even headlining the paganfest tour.
But this is not all, a few years later the band is touring around the world and has become one of the bigger names in metal.



Captain morgan’s revenge (2008)
Heavy Metal Pirates (single 2008)
Leviathan (EP 2008)
Black sails over europe (split 2009)
Black sails at midnight (2009)
Back through time (2011)
Live at the End of the World (DVD 2013)
Sunset on the Golden Age (2014)
No Grave but the Sea (2017)
Captain Morgan’s Revenge 10th anniversary Edition (2018)
The Curse of the Crystal Coconut (2020)
Live in Tilburg (CD/DVD 2021)
Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum (2022)
Voyage of the Dead Marauder’ (EP 2024)

Alestorm tour 2014
Paganfest 2013
Devilside 2012
Zwarte Cross 2012
Heidenfest 2011
Paganfest 2010
Paganfest 2009
Black Sails over Europe
Ragnarok Aaskereia’s tour