In 2013, Alphayn was founded in Vienna, Austria, with a single goal: to live and breathe their music. They started out as a quartet, but have since grown to six member. On stage, they’re not just colleagues – they are friends. Alphayn find their inspiration in the tallest mountains, crystal-clear streams, the deepest forests, shining sun and cold light of the moon. All of those things are tightly interwoven with their interpretation of pagan metal. Just as unique as their music are also their lyrics, in which they unite Nordic mythology and responsibility towards nature. After a first, very eventful year which featured a lot of rehearsals and gigs, Alphayn released their first studio album “Heimkehr” in 2014. |After this the band has gained additional musical support in the form of a hurdy-gurdy. There was also another change in 2017: their male vocals were exchanged for female ones, which will not merely offer the usual harshness, but also add more variation.


Alphayn brings old tales to the audience (2019)

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Heimkehr (2014)
Wanderschaft (2018)

Volk Metal Jacket (2019)