Alughana existed of 8 or 9 people in changing line-ups which began to become stable in 2001 after exploring a lot of music. The created an recognizable own style of blended styles and influences. End 2001 the band ads a violist to the line-up and they’re ready to enter Flemish stages. With traditional instruments like bagpipe, accordion, abridger, flute blended with electric guitars and samples they play a mix of folk, metal, ambient and other stuff. They use the vocals as an instrument as well. Too emphasize the fantasy in their music they sing in their own language, Alughanian. They were together with 9 other bands on the CD 100% PUUR talent in 2003. In 2005 they releases a debut-album ‘Yabal’.



Demo 1 (Demo 2002)
Demo 2 (Demo 2003)
Yabal (2005)




Not Active