Alvenrad is a metal band of Faelwa and Stormsterk members. The duo creates its own lively folk / black metal sound and is supported by a bunch of well-established and passionate guest musicians. Drawing inspiration from visionaries such as early Vintersorg, Borknagar and Empyrium as well as rock and metal giants like Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep and Iron Maiden, Alvenrad’s deeply melancholic approach is nevertheless powerful and encouraging. “Alvenrad” is an old mythological term in Dutch for “sun”, describing the (sun) wheel of the elves. They pay tribute to the myths and the folklore of their homeland, the Veluwe in the Netherlands. But there are many philosophical and artistic inspirations under the sometimes rough, sometimes fragile musical surface, e.g. Thomas Mann’s novel “The Magic Mountain” or Rob Riemen’s essay “Nobility Of Spirit. A Forgotten Ideal”. The debut full length album “Habitat” is released in 2014.


The Elven Wheel Rolls On (2017)



Habitat (2014)
Heer (2017)
Veluws IJzer (2022)