an norvys

Born in 2009, An Norvys is a folk metal band. The female vocals and the violin give a traditional aspect to their songs. This sextet brings back to life legends of Cornwall, a Celtic region in South Western Britain. The distorted guitars provide stories of sunken cities, mermaids in love or giants with new energy.
An Norvys means “earth” in Cornish. The group is from Auvergne, in the middle of France and does not praise a particular country or territory, but celebrates a culture extending beyond the borders of Cornwall.
“One and All”, both the motto of this region and the title of the first EP of the band illustrates this approach : the heroes from Cornish legends and their fate are reminiscent of universal issues . One’s story reflects the ambitions, desires, successes and disillusions of all beings…
An Norvys has performed quite often in their home region since June 2010 and issued its first EP, One and All in 2011. A second EP, “Sea, Sins and Stones” is released 2012.



One and All (Demo 2011)
One and All (EP 2013)
Sins and Stones (EP 2012)




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