Ancient Reign

After years of activity in the Underground a few musicians get together in 1989, and in 1990 a first demo follows. Despite their successful start in music this period also knows a number of setbacks. One of the band-members dies in an accident and somebody else had left that band just before that. Then there’s only one member left and he doesn’t give up and manages to complete the line-up, after which they can go on. The band draws a lot of attention, mainly from the gutter-press, because of a number of accidents in the Norwegian black metal scene. This causes the sales to drop down., but the band continues, opposite to a lot of metal-band of those days. Gigs are boycotted and members threatened. Despite these harsh times the band manages to release a debit-album. It takes until 1998 to get a definitive line-up, which leads to the third album Fatherland. Due to the musical and lyrical development this is quite a new area for them but it’s well received and the band plays big festivals like Dynamo Open Air and Graspop. At this album a keyboard is used for the first time. But the success has another face, the band gets the mark ‘Anti-Christian’ by opponents. This makes it more difficult to get gigs, because promoters can’t get money if they let Ancient Rites play.
At Dim Carcosa the band has made a lot of progress again and uses medieval and folkloric influences.