Heavily influenced by the Finnish metal scene and traditional Welsh folk, the band Annwn was founded in 2005. It was a solo-project for quite a while. For everybody who doesn’t speak Welsh, the bands name is pronounced as An-Noon. Throughout the years the music went from Viking metal to metal with a kind of Celtic touch, of course they’re absolutely loyal to their homeland. Annwn means the other world in Welsh mythology. It was an island to the west of Wales, so far away you could only reach it to die. A place of eternal happiness, green fields and hills, and all the food and drinks you could desire. In the legends it was told there’s another way to reach Annwn, through a door which lead directly to Annwn. Once a year it would open, so the living could feast in the green lands, on the condition nothing would be taken back. At one moment somebody put a small flower on his coat and went back through the door… causing it to be closed forever.
The band has a small period of rest, but is back in 2012.



From The Highest Citadel (demo 2006)
Annwn (demo 2007)
BOA ’09 Promo (Demo 2009)
Idris Awaits (EP 2015)