AnodhoR was born in 2013 by the hand of two friends; Jota (voice) and Tin (violin) who, after leaving behind their previous groups, decide to combine their styles, creating a somewhat peculiar genre, fusing Folk with Death Metal. They join Bruno (flute), beginning a stage of great instability in which, despite performing some concert and receiving a local prize, the band will focus on finding musicians who feel identified with this minority style.
Even with the addition of a bass-player and a guitarist just a short time later, AnodhoR will not complete its final tra

ining until the end of 2015. It is at this time that the group faces an exciting period of musical boom and decides to record its first demo.
Thus begins in 2016 a resurgence that will continue with concerts with bands of the same international level and with the publication of this first work in December, under the name of Break the Silence, marking a turning point in the immediate future of AnodhoR.

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Break the Silence (EP 2016)
Break the Silence (2019)