Anonymia is a folk metal band from Portland Oregon that features violin, acoustic guitar, and acoustic upright bass throughout its entirety. The nameless entity of Anonymia has taken several forms over the years, however can be traced all the way back to when Guy’s One and Two were but little tots drinking beer from their sippy cups, not yet even out of diapers. Various members fell along the odyssey, conquered by the godly brew that fueled their drunken, blood drenched, musical endeavors. Finally joined by That One Chick Two on violin, Guy Zero on upright acoustic bass, and Callisto the giant bloody teddy bear on drums (filling in until a new drunkard picks up the sticks) the band has honed their sights and sound (as blurred as it may be) on the “folk” realm of the world, as well as drawing from their classical background.
Their first full length release, “Anonymia’s Drunken Album” displays an array of sound amidst their journey to where they are at today. Where many bands feature acoustic guitar in intros and may later release a fully acoustic version of a song, the Drunken Album attributes acoustic and classical guitars to its entirety. Lyrically, Greek mythology and folklore (as well as some things that simply sound as such) are drawn in with a simple twist; the retelling of these tales with alcohol as a primary component. In true DDIY (Drunken Do It Yourself) fashion, all elements of recording, artwork, and additional instruments done by the nameless drunkards.

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Anonymia’s Drunken Album (2017)