The roots of Arkona lie way back in 2002 when some members from a pagan community decide to form a band according to their ideology and musical taste. This band was called Hyperborea at first. The music was based on pagan folk-metal and had lyrics about the ideas and heritage of the old Slavic Russia. Shortly after this the band disappears because some members had no more musical inspiration. Singer Masha starts a solo-carreer and decides to record an EP for which she writes all music. Without a rehearsal the album “Vozrozhdenie” is recorded. Then there’s another album with the same musicians, from which the band Arkona is formed afterwards. In 2005 they decide to give up the synthesizers and go back to real traditional old instruments. There were some folk-musicians asked for the recordings, causing them to be very complex. With the presentation of this album “Vo Slavu Velikim” there was also a DVD recorded.
In 2009 they release the album ‘Goi, Rode, Goi’. On this album there’s a track “Na Moey Zemle” (My Country), in which members of Heidevolk, Manegarm, Skyforger, Menhir and Obtest contribute.
In 2011 the band is expanded with an bagpiper/flute-player. With this expansion they’re able to give the fans live the same sound they can hear on the CD’s.


Back in this world (2014)
More then Hot or Humpa (2019)

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Rus’ (demo 2003)
Vozrozdenie (2004)
Lepta (2004)
Vo Slavu Velikim (2005)
Zizn’ vo Slavu (Live 2006)
Live in Relax Club (DVD 2006)
Noch Velesova (2007)
Goi, rode, goi! (2009)
Stenka na Stenku (EP 2011)
Slovo (2011)
Decade of Glory (2013)
Yav (2014)
Vozrozdenie (Re-issue 2016)
Khram (2018)
Kob (2023)

Pagan Rebellion Tour (2019)
The Wayfarer tour (2018)
Eluveitie Tour 2014
Ragnarök 2014
Paganfest 2013
Heidenfest 2012
Heidenfest 2011
Paganfest 2010