Ars Amandi bandpic

Castillian Folk Rock/Metal band Ars Amandi is founded in 1996.
They mix rock with elements of Castilian folklore, such as the dulzaina and the Pito Castilian.

Ars Amandi is a Spanish heavy rock music group that takes its name from Ars Amandi, a book about the art of love written by Ovid in 8 AD. C. The band emerged in 1996 in the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel, which they often cite in their albums and concerts. At first, the group emerges with the objective of playing versions with friends and having a good time without any other claim. However, Dani Aller, the band’s founder, played wind instruments such as the dulzaina or the Castilian whistle from school, and decided to try them on the songs.

Little by little, a more or less stable formation was formed with the aforementioned Dani Aller to the voice and the winds, Paco Moreno to the guitar, Alberto del Río to the bass and El Pelusa to the drums. The premise of mixing wind instruments of Castilian folklore was strengthened day by day, and so they managed to sign for the record company Pies Records in 2003. The group performed on the music scene with Autochthonous.



demo (2001)
Autoctono (2003)
En Tierra Firme (2004)
Camino Al Destino (2005)
Desterrado entre Suenos (2006)
El Rincon de los Deseos (2010)
El Arte de Amar (EP 2015)
Directo al Corazón (Live 2018)
En Tierra de Castillos (2019)