Ashaena’s birth was in 2006, in the beginning it was a solo project. Later on, others joined the band.
Ashaena wanted a sound as close as possible, by the Folklore.
If you wonder what Ashaena means, you have to know that it was the name of the Black Sea as their ancestors, the Dacians, used to call it. In their language the meaning of it was that of “dark blue”, “mysterious”, “deep”.
Ashaena plays a Moldavian Heathen Metal, with a lot of influences taken from the Romanian Mythology, Folklore and Ancient History.
In February 2008, Ashaena entered the studios and that happened in Timisoara, at Negura Music. The band recorded its first official album named “Cei Nascuti din Pamant” (“Those Earthborn”).
Through its music, Ashaena tries to honour and praise the memory of their ancestors, to promote and defend the Romanian traditions and Folklore and to keep alive in people’s hearts those who has given their lives for this land.



Cei născuți din pământ (Demo 2006)
Cei născuți din pământ (2009)
Calea (EP 2013)
Calea (2016)