at the lake

At the Lake is founded in 2005. They had a rough start, the songs weren’t that great and the sound wasn’t either. But fortunately almost nobody can remember these times. Their first name is forgotten and so are their first deeds. The only remaining member and founder of the band found new members rather quickly. Influenced by solid Scandinavian music these members found each other. The only difficulty was to find a male singer, but in the end they started searching for a female singer. She was found easily and 2005 they released a first demo. Unfortunately the singer left after this. And this meant the end of a chapter because the whole band changed after this.
The added a new keyboard-player which could make make it possible to create the sound they wanted. Delicious folk-sound with a heavy sauce and Gothic-metal influences.

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Silvae (Demo 2005)
At the Lake (EP 2006)
Live Again (Single 2009)
Māÿā (2012)




Not Active