Avathar was a project by two musicians for the First years. They released an album with an American label. In 2005 the line-up was completed so they could play live. A time of changes in the line-up and many, many demo’s followed. From 2008 they sounded grown-up and the compositions became better thought trough.

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Shadows (2004)
Where Light and Shadow Collide (2004)
A Storm Coming (Demo 2005)
Where Wicked Winds Blow (Demo 2006)
Beyond the Spheres of the Mortal World (Demo 2007)
To the Halls of Await (Demo 2008)
From the other side (Demo 2008)
For what dwells behind the Mist (Demo 2008)
Forlorn (Demo 2009)
Dark Paths (Demo 2010)
Bûrgulu kû-ghâra (2018-2019)
Ja Niin Sakenee Pimeys (EP 2021)