Balt Hüttar

The Cimbri are an ancient population of Germanic origin whose roots are lost in legend. Some theories in this regard place them in Germanic populations that descended from northern Europe in the pre-medieval period. There are those who claim to derive from the homonymous Germanic tribe which, together with the Teutons and the Ambrones, invaded the Roman territories at the end of the 2nd century BC ..

Balt Hüttar is a Folk Metal band that aims to recover the Cimbra culture of the Asiago Plateau in a modern key, mixing sounds and even different languages ​​(English, Italian and ancient Cimbro dei Sette Comuni).

After a demo in 2014 they released a first official album ‘Trinkh met miar’ in 2018.

Balt Hüttaar logo



Tzimbar Tantze (Demo 2014)
Trinkh met miar (2018)