Battlelore was founded in 1999 and in the same year they recorder a first promo CD. This was received well and soon after the second demo the band at the attention of Napalm records. In 2001 there was a debut-album released and this brought the band to a whole new level in their music. In 2004 they released a first DVD with a fabulous show in the Tavastia club. After this they had to deal with a difficult change in the line-up when their singer decided to leave the band. The songs of this Finnish band are about the world of Tolkien, beautiful songs which describes for instance the world and events of Lord of the Ring. It’s quite difficult to describe their music. Their music, especially the older songs are quite dance-able. Their last album “last alliance” has a lot of metal.
In 2011 the band decides to stop their activities.
But early 2016, they announce they’re back and they performed the same year at Female Metal Voices Fest.
In 2022 they release a brand new album ‘The Return Of The Shadow’ which definitely marks the return of Battlelore.


Interview with Jyri Vahvanen (2011)

Battlelore logo



Warrior’s Tale (promo 1999)
Dark Fantasy (promo 2000)
…Where the Shadow’s Lie (2001)
Sword Song (2003)
The Journey (dvd 2004)
Third Age of the Sun (2005)
Evernight (2007)
The Last Alliance (2008)
Doombound (2011)
Bonus Tracks (Compilation 2018)
The Return of the Shadow (2022)

Finnish Fire Tour 2008