Through murky swamps and damp dungeons, the tales of mythical monstrosities form the ultimate carnival of damnation that is Beast Impalor.
The Goblins have started an uprising, the trolls are stirring, wolves and bears have declared war and an evil witch lurks behind it all.
Amidst his travels, one man witnesses the magical mayhem and aims to bring an end to it. Once, and for all. He is: The Beast Impalor.
This Australian Symphonic Folk Death metalband was founded in 2011. They released a demo in 2013, in 2020 the EP ‘Goblin’ was released.


The Absolute Biggest Influence is… (2020)

Beast Impalor Logo



Demo (Demo 2013)
Spooky Scary Skeletons (Single 2015)
Goblin (EP 2020)