beer bear

Beer Bear was founded in 2008 as a pagan-metalband Nordheim, they soon changed their name into Beer Bear, a name which fitted better to their lyrical ‘Bear’ themes and the beer-element in their music, heavy punk and folk. But topics as Vikings and Wagner are also used in songs.
In the same year they recorded a demo, after which a violin- and flute-player were added to the band. By doing this they emphasized on the folk-elements.
The band has had a lot of changes in the line-up, but they managed to release a debut album in 2010.
Beer Bear is combining Nordic riffs with Slavic folk music. Two band-members have a side-project making Black Folk-metal, named Top.
In 2012 the band will release an album with also tracks in Polish and Ukrain language. The theme of this album will be Medieval life in Poland and Belarus.
The band quits in 2014 and is born again as Equinox, with a different style, but still with folk-influences.

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Demo (2009)
Honey (2010)
Folk’n’Roll (2011)
The Invisible Line (2012)




Not Active