Bellfast was formed in 1993 in Japan. In 1999, all the members departed except Shuji who resolved to continue the band and make an album. Assisted by many guest musicians on vocals, fiddle, piano, and many ethnic instruments, the recording was completed in one year and nine months, and in December 2001 the six-song debut CD, Faraway Prayers, was released.
Years passed… and in 2006, Bellfast was resurrected, taking advantage of an offer to take part in a compilation album. Shuji invited his old friends to join the band. Their song Celtic Drum was recorded with several talented support musicians and was featured on the compilation album Samurai Metal vol.2.
The band performed gigs, continued to work on songs, and started the recording of their 1st full-length album in 2009 and the album was released in 2010.
They combine the aggressive sound of traditional heavy metal like Iron Maiden, an ethnic and progressive atmosphere influenced by Kansas and Thin Lizzy, and the brave energy of Viking metal –a unique combination that makes the highly original sound of Bellfast instantly recognizable.
In 2012 they ink a deal with a label which makes it possible to release their album worldwide.

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Faraway Prayers (EP 2001)
Demo 2003 (Demo 2003)
Insula Sacra (2010)
Triquedraco (2017)