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Black Corsair sees the light in the early 2015 from a dreamy idea of Filippo Arancio, also known to the international metal scene as Philippe D’orange. The band’s name derives from the common passion for Emilio Salgari’s novels like “Il Corsaro Nero” from the series “Corsari delle Antille”. Hence, it is a homage to the Italian novelist who both lived and died in the city where the project is born: Torino.
The aim is to create a pirate band in terms of topics, sound and of cinematic effect on the stage itself, where a multi-sensorial experience takes place.
It is thus enhanced the accurate research of the fictional and historical piracy from all over the world, putting ahead the purpose of emphasize the legends and culture of the native land.
The Black Corsair chooses in fact not to exploit in its songs the usual Celtic folk melodies, beautiful yet so far from Italy’s lore.
That is to say, a pizzica has been used to contextualize the siege of the town of Vieste (Puglia) which lead to the massacre at the “Chianca Amara” (“Bitter Stone”) perpetrated by Turkish pirate Draghut Rais.
The line up is so far constituted by seven resident members, comprising a flute, extremely versatile with its distinctive timbre, and an accordion able to infuse romanticism even to the most violent tracks.
The Black Corsair’s genre may be identified as a tight twine of Power, Epic, Folk, Symphonic, although it wouldn’t be possible to give an exact allocation due to the stylistic variegation.

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Northmen’s Way (Single 2019)
The Flying Dutchman (Single 2019)
Seven Seas (2019)