Blood or Whiskey are from Ireland and mix Traditional Irish music with Punk Rock. The first album was released in 2000. They have know a lot of difficulties, the original vocalist Barney Murray leaving due to health issues in 2002, Jim Borek going to prison in 2003 and Tin Whistle player Alan Confrey dying suddenly in 2006. The also had a legal battle with their former record label.
But in 2010 they were back with a European tour and a short trip to Japan. After this they reshuffled the line up and added of a couple of new members. But the band still has the determination, and desire to keep spreading the Blood or Whiskey sound worldwide.



No Time To Explain (2001)
Blood Or Whiskey (2002)
Cashed Out On Culture (2005)
Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil ‎(2014)




Not Active