bloodshed walhalla

Bloodshed Walhalla is a solo project created in 2006.
Inspired by Mediterranean facts and lifestyle, that carries Drakhen to a massive presence of melody and strength. Every song is focused on a simply but sharpen guitar work, linear and melodic at the same time.
After the release of two demos in 2008 there was a debut-album in 2009.
To make live-appearances possible there was a band formed. Due to the Covid-issues Bloodshed Walhalla goes on as a one-man band. There will be no more live appearances.

Bloodshed Walhalla Ragnarok



Walhalla (Demo 2008)
Demo 2009 (Demo 2009)
The Legends of a Viking (2010)
The Battle will never end (2012)
Mather (2015)
Thor (2017)
Ragnarok (2018)
Second Chapter (2021)