boisson divine

Boisson Divine came into being in 2005, because two boys aged 14 and 15, met at Riscle in the high lands of Gers in the south west of France. From the very beginning they had a strong desire to create their own personal compositions – an alliance of Gascogne identity and heavy metal. A fusion between tradition and modernity, sung either in French or the regional dialect. Key influences of their style come from 1980′s Heavy Metal (Accept, Iron Maiden, Saxon…), from Folk-Metal (Finntroll, Eluveitie, Dropkick Murphys…) and from regional groups such as (Nadau, Los de L’Ouzom, Los Pagalhos…)
The lyrics are a reflection of the daily lives of the musicians : rugby, ancient legends, songs to the land, feasts, traditional songs, preserving heritage and tributes to historical figures.
Following some rare amateur concerts, (as they are only two musicians, adaptation on stage is limited), and the exile of the drummer to the capital city for work, and once they had composed numerous tracks, the recording of the first album started and it was released in 2013. ‘Enradigats’ was born. Boisson Divine follow their own unique path, with a rock, folk metal style with deep roots, but with its gaze firmly fixed on the horizon.

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Enradigats (2013)
Voletat (2016)
La Halha (2020)