brutus' daughters

Brutus’ Daughters is a punk-folk band which was born in a Southern town close to Madrid. Having a classic punk band line-up, they introduced both an Asturian piper and a fiddler as a way to create the kind of music from which they have taken great influence.
All of the members once belonged to other national punk, hxc, oi! and folk bands coming from different parts of Spain, and that’s why their influences are so many. The songs are written in languages such as Castilian, Asturian and English, not being narrow-minded if having to deal with other dialects. Concerning the subjects, some of the lyrics reflect the value of friendship involved in the ‘shebeen’ culture, while others contain a socio-political message, denouncing the mistreat underpriviledged people has to suffer because of the abuse of authority. Literature from ethnical minorities, autobiographies and traces from mythology deeply rooted in Celt tradition have served as a source for many of them.
The rescue of endangered languages is one of their concerns, the cultural richness and the linguistic variety is such that the need of preserving them, together with a social view of what is around them, is a must for their song’s inspiration. Also, the Irish influence is undeniable, taking bands like The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers or The Chieftains as a path to follow. As a consequence, it is easy to find in their repertoire melodies shaped in jigs, reels, and hornpipes, as well as sea songs.



When the Pubs Are Dying (2010)
Whiskey Devils – a Tribute to The Mahones (track no. 3, “Take Me Back”, 2010)
Beating Beyond Folk Ashes (2013)
Hueso Y Madera (2017)