butterfly temple

Butterfly Temple is a Russian Paganmetal band, founded in 1995. It’s one of the prominent band in the Russian folkmetalscene. Their approach is a mix of death, black and symphonic metal. They’re known for their unusual melodies and a just as bizarre vocal-lines. Their debut-album is filled with unusual keys and Russian chanting (a folklore way of singing). The band uses all kinds of vocals, like chants, spoken words, choirs, clear vocals and metal-vocals. The band also uses folk-instruments like accordion, flute and Jew’s Harp.



Nahaimail (Demo 1996)
Black Glory (Demo 1997)
Голос Крови (Demo 1998)
Книга Велеса (Demo 1998)
Голос Крови / Книга Велеса (1998)
Veles (1999)
Wheel Of Chernobog (2001)
Dreams Of Nothern Sea (2002)
On A BloodRed Path… By The Will Of Rod! (2003)
The Times Of Mara (2005)
Following The Sun (2006)
Эффект Бабочки (Split 2009)
Деды (Single 2009)
Земля (2010)
Солнцестояние (2010)
Смерть Дана Одна на Всех (Single 2011)
Breath (2012)
Vechnost (2015)
Effekt babochki – Svoya zemlya (Split 2017)
Volch’ye solntse (2020)