When founded the Finnish band Cadacross had aggressive death metal in mind, but after a few demo’s with bad critics, they started searching for a way to open up the music. More melodic powermetal and folk-music was adapted in the music. The first album was released in 2001, but still the metamorphosis wasn’t complete. When the singer announced their next album would be even further away form their deathmetal roots, some member quit or were fired. He started to play guitar himself en surrounded himself with new members. In 2002 the second metal opus “Corona Borealis” (Polar light) was released. The founder of the band was involved in a car-accident causing him to be invalid for the rest of his life. The band was dismantled.

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Power of the Night (demo 1997)
The Bloody Way (demo 1998)
So pale is the light (2001)
Corona Borealis (2002)



Not Active