calico jack

Captain John Rackham, better known as Calico Jack, was a notorious sea raider who sailed across the Caribbean Sea during the Golden Age of Piracy. He is famous for inventing the legendary Jolly Roger, the pirate flag by definition, and for having the two strongest pirate woman is his crew: Anne Bonny and Mary Read.
Calico Jack, the band was founded on 2011 with the purpose of merging classic eighties’ heavy metal with the most recent Scandinavian folk metal, soaking everything in a seafaring atmosphere, inspired by folk songs and sea shanties of the Anglo-Saxon tradition.
During 2012, the band performs live at various clubs and bars near Milan. In the same year the first demo was released, completely manufactured in house, at no cost. In the year after the band enters the “Frequenze Studio” in Monza, to record an EP titled “Panic In The Harbour” Bonecrusher containing 4 new songs that combine the power of the Heavy 80 ‘to a massive dose of alcoholic Folk.



Scum of the Seas (Demo 2012)
Panic in the Harbour (EP 2013)
Calico Jack (2019)
Isla de la Muerte (2023)