Carpatica is one of the few Romanian bands that still tries to promote the past habites and place the mythology of the old nation into lyrics. The band has formed at the beginning of the year 2009 in Bucharest, Romania. Since the band’s first concert at Ost Mountain Fest 2010 opening for Belphegor, Ava Inferi, Negura Bunget etc, the lineup had faced certain changes remaining in a formula of seven, combining the traditional instruments in metal like guitars, drums etc. with instruments as violin, flute, and traditional Romanian instruments, caval (pipe), tulnic (two and half metre horn).

In 2011 the debut album entitled ‘La Capatul Vremii’ was recorded. The album has a variety of guests such as AgeruPamantului ex vocalist of Negura Bunget and also Negura Bunget’s keyboard player Inia Dinia. and Dumitru Palagniuc at flute.



La capătul vremii (2013)




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