celtic legacy

The band came forth form the project ‘Mischief’. In 1997 two musicians wrote with minimal resources a few songs. At the end of the same year they decided to make it a full band. In the next 5 years the band released an album, which was very experimental. After this they band fell apart, but the next year they came back with a new line-up. A demo was recorded and it felt a lot heavier. This album let the band in the right direction. The band got into hibernation again, but a fan brought in the money to make a new album, and the band woke up immediately and released Resurrection. A great improvement compared to the debut-album. But after this the line-up wasn’t steady and they took a year off to think it all over. Then the writing and practicing started again and when a new singer came in 2007 the band was ready for a third album.
In 2009 the band broke up definitively.

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Celtic Legacy (1998)
Resurrection (2003)
Guardian of Eternity (2008)
My People (Single 2014)
The Lie of the Land (2014)