Adam Helliwell is a singer-songwriter/guitarist from New Zealand. His musical style is folk metal. However, when playing live it’s just him and an acoustic guitar, so I suppose that would classify as acoustic folk.
He has been in a number of bands over the years, in particular IronStein and Z Amigos. After years of listening to traditional Celtic and Scandinavian folk music, and all sorts of metal, I eventually decided to try and do this old music thing by myself.
He’s planning to constantly record the songs he writes. In 2015 he released a very basic “studio” (my bedroom) album, with an audio interface, computer, amp, a mic and a couple of guitars. (The drums and the string/piano parts are programmed). But you will be surprised what you can do with so little!
In 2015 he decides to give the project a proper name: Ceolskog.

Ceolskog logo

 New Zealand


Made in My Bedroom (EP 2015)
Made in My Bedroom II (EP 2016)
The Southern Cross and the Northern Star (2017)
A Comfortable Tree-Stump (2018)
Once, Long Ago… (2018)
The Owl With Big, Googly Eyes (EP 2020)
Lost Up a Mountain, With a Look of Perturbed Bewilderment (EP 2022)