chain of dogs

If you ever wanted to find out what it would sound like if Slayer got into a fight with Flogging Molly on stage, after which they decide to patch things up with a bottle of vodka, listen to Chain of Dogs. Their energetic mix of folk, metal and punk is a guaranteed recipe for a party on stage and in front of it.
In 2009 there’s a huge change in the line up, Olaf and Arne are the only two of the original members left. When the line-up is completed the band speeds up and a lot of gigs are the result. The band releases a CD called “Gebroake, Gehange en Gewroake” on German metal label Witches Brew in 2010.
In 2012 they have to replace their guitar-player. But troubles seem not to be over for Chain of Dogs. At the end of the same year they end the bands as it is at the moment.
But in 2013 they decide to go on with a complete renewed line-up.


Viking Metal from Italy can’t be taken Serious (2011)

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Nederland Netherlands


Chain of Dogs (Demo 2006)
Bridgeburners (EP 2008)
Gebroake, gehange en gewroake (2010)
Deathworld (EP 2012)
Burning Bridges in a World of Death – De EP’s en nog get mieë (Compilation 2014)

Black Trolls over Europe (2011)
Black Trolls Winterfest (2011)
Chain of Dogs & Finsterforst (2011)