Crimfall is founded in 2007 as a solo-project. Jakke recorded a demo with three tracks. He noticed very soon this was good material. There were people added to the line-up. A somewhat rough male voice and a kind of Gothic-like female-voice give a very special character to their music. Napalm was interested at once an soon these Fins were able to record a whole album. Influences from the icy north and folk-metal, but also the echo of black metal in the demonic screams and lyrics, but above all the massive orchestral and epic atmosphere can be heard on the first album.
For the folk-metalfans with a little doubt, they even got more towards folk-metal with their second album.
In 2013 the band breaks up with their female singer.
But while the band is recording new stuff in 2015, they decide to go further down their mysterious path with their female singer from the first albums.


Crimfall’s Bombastic Energy (2018)

Crimfall logo



Burning winds (demo 2008)
As the Path unfolds…(2009)
The Writ of Sword (2011)
Amain (2017)

Black Troll Winterfest 2011
Dead Tyrants Tour 2011




Not Active