In 1995, Erun dagoth decided to create a side project parallel to his main band Eldereon, although with a more decadent and medieval style.
After expanding the line-up a first demo was recorded. Originally it had a very epic, very dark and pagan atmosphere.
Later a few members form other bands joined him and Crystalmoors was really born. Lyrically the music is about the love and hate van the Cantabrian region of Spain. Later on there became more Celtic Black Metal and there came arrangement of whistle, bagpipe and acoustic parts that create a more epic atmosphere than in the past.
And with their album of 2008 the music picked up elements of Celtic Folk and Traditional music.
CrystalMoors want to be stated that they’re not a Viking Metal band. They play Cantabrian Pagan Metal.



Thy Gift of Ravens (Demo 1999 )
At the Moon Realm’s Gate (Demo 2000 )
Dominion of the Ancient Seal (Demo 2001 )
The Unconquered Land (EP 2003)
Nabia Orebia / Oroimenaren Sustraiak (Split 2007)
Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem (2008)
Circle of the Five Serpents (2011/2016)
The Mountain Will Forgive Us (2016)
Árguma (Split 2018)
Tierra​. Sangre​.​ Ra​í​ces (2023)